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Lüft BIKE LANE PROTECTOR  Wiesbaden protective board


The conecpt

In cooperation with the traffic experts at the Civil Engineering Office of the State Capital Wiesbaden, Lüft GmbH has developed a Bike Lane Protector made of recycling plastic, which sustainably protects the bike lane strip and which prevents driving, stopping or even parking by motorized individual traffic at banned points: The Wiesbaden protective board.

Bike Lane Protector

The material

The Bike Lane Protector is to 100% made of recycling plastic with all its special characteristics, which are very valuable for traffic engineering. Tough and robust with good molding. They are extremely durable and have a long service life. With a length of 1.00 m and a foot width of 0.12 m at a height of 0.15 m. The Bike Lane Protector is predestined for the use of existing markings, separating the bike lane from the road traffic. The production color of the Bike Lane Protector is gray with different hues. For better visibility, the elements will be coated using the environmentally beneficial flame spraying process and, on request, they will be pearl reflecting. The standard colors are red and white, special colors are available.

Bike Lane Protector

The technology

The Bike Lane Protectors will be joined using a special connector, placed and then they will be connected to the asphalt with two drill holes per element on the existing marking.

In addition to the installation in straight lines, their special forming permits the placement in slight radii and tilts.



The accessories

The reflection of the Bike Lane Protectors is guaranteed through the coating. Lüft would be pleased to insert - on request - the proven glass ball reflectors in two sizes.

The connector
Using a connector made out of V2A, especially developed for the BLPs, the BLPs will be connected force-fit and fixated through the road anchors.

The road anchors
The road anchors, which connect the board with the asphalt, and which also fixate the connector consist of V2A, DIN 571, M 12/200 and the disk and the screw anchor are pre-fabricated. Two road anchors are used for each board.

The flexible warning sign
500/125 mm, film RA 2, pointing to the right or left, material: Plastic. The installation is performed through a round foot made out of plastic integrated in the Bike Lane Protector system using a bayonet lock.

The guidepost
Guidepost flex, signal orange with three reflection strips, height 1000 mm, DU 70 mm. The installation is performed through a round foot made out of plastic integrated in the Bike Lane Protector system using a bayonet lock.

Bike Lane Protector



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