Curb Elevation

"Frankfurt Hat"

The System

Although parking is not permitted on cycle and pedestrian paths, people always ignore the fact. All types of vehicles are inconsiderately parked on cycle paths and pavements due to convenience or time pressure. Cyclists and pedestrians are the ones who suffer. The curb elevation system has been developed to put a stop to inconsiderate and illegal parking and has been used ever since as a solution to a variety of traffic problems.

The Material

The curb elevation system is made of recycling plastic. It is tough, robust, and solid and has a very long service life thanks to its extreme durability.
The production colour is grey. The elements can be coated using the environmentally friendly flame-spray process on request, and also given a full reflective beads surface for better visibility. Simple colour coating as a cost-effective alternative is possible in the colours red, white, yellow and black.


is as quick and simple as you can imagine. The curb elevation systems can be mounted by hand and complex use of machines is not necessary.
Position, align, drill the holes and dowel with two special ground anchors – and the "Frankfurt Hat" is ready.

Ground Anchoring

Consisting of an M 10 x 130 hexagon screw, stainless steel, a cable sleeve, the corresponding u-washers and a threaded socket. Together with a dowel it is available pre-mounted.

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A solid element thanks to the material properties of recycling plastic and which can be mounted quickly and easily by hand due to its specific weight.

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