The Mobile Concept

Guiding Element and Guiding Board

The System

Patented attachment elements with a cone shaped attachment on one side, which is inserted in the mount of the base on the other side when it is moved.

As guiding element with a height of 0.50 m
As guiding board with a height of 0.25 m

The Material

The solid construction elements are permanently strong, extremely tough and durable. This construction material can be cut, ground and planed; this makes customisation possible in the factory or at the construction site. The production colour for our recycling construction elements differs between dark and light grey. For better visibility and acceptance, we recommend a high quality powder coating in the environmentally friendly flame-spray process. As a cost-effective variation, the elements are rolled off with a coloured simple coating to match the base material.

The Technology 

Place the elements on the road, push into each other, align, dowel - finished!

Such an elegant and sturdy chain of links is produced so quickly - the guiding system.

The Accessories

Start and end element
We have developed the corresponding terminal products for a "safe start and good end".

Ground anchoring
A stainless steel dowel set gives our components additional hold to stop them moving.

The pipe base
Made of galvanised steel in diameter 60 mm, it serves the purpose of attaching the sign and is simply put in position and screwed in place.

The flexible warning bar
500/250 mm, reflecive sheeting film directing to the right or left. The retaining block is pre-mounted, protected in the countersunk guiding board.

References - Mobile Concept

Flame-spray coated in the classic warning colours, alternating red and white, confine the guiding elements at the side - the bend in this case.

Traffic control 

Side confinementes

Island solutions

Control systems on roundabouts

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