Lüft Vegetated Wall Recycling

The Modular System

Due to the wall height specified by experts, the terrain, the existing available space, the roads and the course of the plot, the selected plants and ultimately  decisively determined by the creativity of the planning architect while taking the financial possibilities of the investor into account; each building project with the Lüft vegetated wall recycling has its individual character.

In order to meet these demands on performance the vegetated wall was designed and constantly improved and extended up to the present day.

The design and construction principle of the patented Lüft vegetated wall is based on a simple “Lego” modular system with which wall plates and plant boards are pushed into each other and wedged.

Three construction versions are possible corresponding with the available space, construction height, design and cost efficiency.

Basewall - trapezoidal shaped steep wall system
Highwall - vertical, space-saving steep wall system
Mixedwall - combination of Basewall and Highwall

Whichever version you decide on, with the Lüft vegetated wall recycling you always have high absorption noise protection on both sides. 


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