The Module Concept

Calming and Swing Islands 

The System

We have developed the module concept to separate, calm and safely guide the traffic.
Available in two widths: 1.60 m and 0.80 m, we offer the islands in three versions: Type 1: passing traffic on left, type 2: passing traffic on right and type 3: the matching square part for extension. The module concept is used as a swing system, whether as a side confinement or combined with a central island – there are no limits to its application.

The Material

Island elements are made of solid recycling plastic. They are weatherproof and extremely tough and durable. The coating is applied in an environmentally friendly, very durable flame-spraying process. The standard surface colour is light anthracite. The edge is coated in white with reflective beads for good visibility. They can also be provided with embedded spherical reflectors for extra visibility.

The Technology

The island elements weigh between 100 and 220 kg. They are simply placed on the road, aligned and anchored to stop sideways movement. The traffic islands are dismantled just as quickly if necessary. The road surface is not damaged. A lifting device, usually available as an option, is mandatory for swing islands due to the geometrics of the elements and the weight.


The Accessories

The signs
The traffic sign combined with the warning pillar for perfect "all-round" signs on the roundabout island. We recommend traffic sign when using islands as a side confinement.

The speed reducer
The warning cap for swing and calming islands is a hollow body made of plastic, which however has the visual effect of a huge obstacle. It gives the elements more height and drivers will give it even more attention. Adhesive direction arrows with reflecting sheeting guide and warn in one go.

The clamp sleeve
Galvanised steel is used to mount the sign post ø 60 mm. It is fixed in the existing recess of the round part with 4 stainless steel screws. Ground anchoring each island element is anchored in the road with special dowels. Four pre-mounted ground anchors are required er island element.

References - Module Concept 

Because all island systems from the Lüft modular system are simply doweled with just four ground anchors per element to the asphalt, the island elements can be mounted as required, stored temporarily or simply mounted in a different place.


Central islands

Side confinements

Module concept in combination


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