Lüft Vegetated Wall Recycling

A success story from 1988 to the present day and no end in sight.

In July 1988, Lüft GmbH introduced its global innovation to the public - the patented vegetated wall recycling. Elements made of recycled plastic were used for the first time for an engineered structure with high structural and qualitative demands. Since then, the Lüft vegetated wall recycling has proven itself Europe-wide with almost 300 construction projects and approx. 120,000 installed square metres.

The catalogue of needs among architects and planners for a noise protection system:

  • Practically permanently durable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with plants
  • Easy to setup and mount
  • Easy to adapt to the sound-related requirements and
    the local conditions in height and width
  • Exceptionally flexible to build with arches,
    steps and offsetting
  • Possible to combine with other systems
  • Space for own ideas and design options with 

    construction and various planting options

These requirement criteria fulfils the Lüft vegetated wall recycling with the best marks in all areas.

Make your own decision according to the sound-related and local necessities as well as the aesthetic and architectural points of view for one of the construction version as a 


and build your own vegetated wall with the Lüft recycling modular system. 

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