Lüft Vegetated Wall Recycling

Natural noise protection for a higher quality of life.

Steep wall system made of recycling plastic filled with soil offers plenty of options for individual planting. It does not just provide protection by effectively absorbing noise, but is also visually attractive.

Due to the versatile, tried and tested construction modules in the patented Lüft vegetated wall recycling, affordable engineered structures with a huge range of applications are created.


The right plants make a fundamental contribution towards this. They are oriented towards the geographical position, climate conditions and the visual requirements of the respective site.

For permanently green vegetation, the soil in the plant compartment is prepared with especially selected soil substrate. The use of a watering system in the form of a coordinated droplet watering system is advisable and makes sense. The plants in the wall will be eternally grateful.


All planting in a Lüft noise protection wall is planned individually and specific to the object.

Functional primary planting
Functional primary planting with ivy on the front and back. From the second vegetation period, the wall gains its green look.

Evergreen planting
Evergreen and wintergreen bushes ensure that the wall remains green during the winter vegetation periods.

High quality planting
High-quality individual planting
Each wall becomes a one-off due to unique planting. 





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