Lüft Vegetated Wall Recycling

Special constructions

The versatile versions of the modular system allows special construction such as building arches, radii, bends and steps at the start and end of the wall.

This means that the Lüft vegetated wall can be adapted architecturally and constructionally to the local conditions.

Noise protection walls with large arches are built with the standard construction elements of wall plates and plant boards.

For radii larger than 10.00 m, shorter plant boards in lengths 1.00 m and 1.17 m are used. Radii of 3.50 m to 10.00 m and different types of bends can be adapted and constructed with the use of special elements on-site.

90° corner
Two partition walls meet at a 90° corner. To achieve sustainable noise protection in this area, the back gap closed with a special construction.

Planted top ends
The top ends can be designed with additional plant compartments on request. This means that the top ends can also be attractively planted.

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