Lüft Vegetated Wall Recycling

The System

The patented noise protection system presented for the first time in 1988, namely the Lüft vegetated wall recycling, is still being successfully built.

From the 1988 prototype, many years of experience and excellent cooperation with architects and engineers has meant a varied noise protection system has been developed, customised to almost any request and local condition.

Three construction versions resulted: Base, High and Mixedwall. The building material is the same as more than 20 years ago; recycled plastic with the green dot.

The indestructible construction elements are installed using an attachment system. They last for a long time in wet and dry zones and fulfil the requirements in use of up to 50 years required for noise protection walls.

Noise insulation and absorption correspond with ZTV-Lsw 06, Absorption group A3 - high absorption on both sides > 10 dB, Soundproofing 68 dB.

The open retainer construction with sloping plant boards and filling it with compactable soil in accordance with the structural specifications creates lots of space for individual planting.

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