Lüft Vegetated Wall Recycling

The Technology

The Lüft vegetated wall recycling is a noise protection system made of recycling plastic filled with soil that can be planted.

The foundations for the plant wall are laid using a compacted gravel base layer according to structural specifications. Complex, costly and time-consuming drilling and foundation work is not necessary.

The system is assembled by simple attachment in the form of a tongue and groove system, with which wall plates with plant boards standing vertically on top of each other are pushed into each other and wedged.

Filling the Lüft vegetated wall with soil takes place in "metre setup". This means that the filling soil is introduced and compacted in three layers per meter of height to the left and right of the wall plates. Then the next wall plates can be positioned, filled and compacted layer by layer.

Horizontal earth pressure affecting the longitudinal direction is intercepted by stabilisers made of recycling plastic.

Height steps are necessary if the wall runs along downhill or uphill slopes. 

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