The Company

Lüft GmbH - Traffic Technology

Lüft GmbH was founded on 01.07.1970 and has been involved with the traffic technology sector ever since.

Over the course of the past forty years, the company has developed into a traffic technology specialist in the areas of traffic calming, signs and noise protection, and is also well-established in the development and implementation of innovative products made of recycled plastics - patent protected - throughout Germany and Europe.

The company is divided into three branches of business:

Traffic calming:
The development, customization, distribution and assembly of plastic recycling products for working traffic calming measures and not just in Germany, but Europe-wide.
If you need professional traffic calming measures from one source - we are there for you.


Noise protection:
With our own planted wall system "model recycling" , also as gabion walls and to traditional noise protection, you will find a professional partner for planning, consultancy and sales through to final assembly.
Our noise protection specialists are waiting for your challenge.

Signs and service:
Our team of engineers and traffic specialists implement signs, (large-scale and small signs), sign gantries, foundation work and safety barrier work from planning through to final assembly.
Do you want to benefit from our years of experience and technical know how? Then you've come to the right place.




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