Traffic Guards

The Mountable Post Island

The System

The traffic guards were designed for added safety. Installed directly on the road, it is well visible to flowing traffic, points out risks, in a way that pedestrian crossings and traffic calmed zones cannot be overseen by drivers and also serve as a space retainer for standing traffic.

The Material

The traffic guards consist of solid recycling plastic with its big advantages such as toughness, sturdiness and very good shaping. The coating is applied in an environmentally friendly, very durable flame-spraying process with which almost any colour design is possible. The slanted visible edges of the base plate have a reflective beads surface. Reflective rings and integrated spherical reflectors - on request - ensure better visibility at night.

The Technology

The traffic guards consist of two construction elements: The base plate is anchored to the road with special dowels, and the profile posts screw connected with the base plate to protect against theft. With the clamp sleeves the attachment of the necessary indication signs or traffic signs is easy.

The Accessories

The clamp sleeve
Galvanised steel is used to mount the sign post ø 60 mm. The profile posts are manufactured with the necessary drill holes if required, to mount the right sign.

Ground anchoring
Consisting of the stainless steel screw, DIN 571, M12/200, complete with U-washer and plastic dowel S 16 as well as pressure spring. Three anchoring points per base plate are provided.

Profile post anchoring
Consisting of the stainless steel lock screw with nut and U-washer. Three anchoring points per profile post are provided.

Verkehrswächter zur Verkehrsberuhigung

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The base plates confine the road, which means speed is reduced and the green traffic guards consistently structure the parking baya at the same time.

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